About Us

Servicios Logísticos y Soluciones de Costa Rica S.A, emerged as a company dedicated to the development and sale of administrative services. José Carreras, who has the opportunity to extend his "core business", the development of software, the creation and the offer of consultancy in administrative systems and companies of the Costa Rican market.

Our mission

The mission of SLS is to position itself as a provider of administrative services within the region, offering a variety of products through innovative technological tools that can be commercialized by the company. These products are aimed at both natural and corporate customers.

Our plan

SLS found a market niche for which it has excellent competitive advantages (due to its capacity for designing and managing e-commerce businesses) promoting the exchange with benefits and discounts to a mass of clients from different parts of the world.

Our vision

With the talent of our human team, fundamental pillar of the organization, we seek to establish solid and long-term relationships, based on trust. By understanding the needs of our customers, we can accompany them in the process of generating value to their projects with a portfolio of simple, agile and impeccable solutions.

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Oficina 206, Edificio Torres del Parque, Sabana Norte, San José, Costa Rica
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